Yahoo is an email service which is used by a large number of users and Yahoo also has a feature to add contacts in the Yahoo contact list you want in the contact details you want to. So that the users can communicate to their users whenever they want to and they do not need to open their contact diary to look up for the contacts. 

But there are many people who add the contacts but they do not know how to delete contacts from yahoo mail they want to so that is why we have prepared this blog for the help of the users so that they can delete the contacts they want to. 

Steps to delete contacts on Yahoo they want to – 

  1. To initiate the steps the users first need to open the browser the users are using on their device. 
  2. Now in the next step the users need to visit the official website of Yahoo mail which is and then move to the next step.
  3. Now they have to click on sign into the yahoo contact option and then they need to verify the login details of your account. 
  4.  Now you need to click on the contacts button option on the screen so that you can further click on the contact which you want to delete and remove forever. 
  5. If you are unable to delete Yahoo contacts then for this you can click on the “more” button available to the users. 
  6. Followed by this you have to finally click on the delete contact button option so that it is deleted permanently and you can delete them. 

Lastly and finally your contacts are deleted on the Yahoo mail and your process is completed too after you have executed all the steps carefully and properly.