It is something that most feline proprietors will have encountered sooner or later - strolling into a space to observe that your fuzzy companion has left you a dead bird on the mat as somewhat present. In the same way as other of us you will likely have felt slightly stunned that your feline has been so savage, thinking about what to do assuming your feline continues to kill birds, yet actually, it is essential for their inclination to chase and accumulate. Years prior felines would not have been kept as pets, consequently would not be taken care of by proprietors, making them pursue and kill birds to make due.

So these days do felines kill birds for no particular reason? The response is yes - they will become invigorated at a fluttering bird and their regular sense will be to pursue it. Nonetheless, as they are in all likelihood all around took care of at home, they might play with their prey, as opposed to eating it. Assuming you are a bird sweetheart, you might be considering how might you stop felines killing birds in your nursery, so we have assembled a couple of supportive tips that can attempt to forestall a feline hunting birds later on.

 Put a bell onto your cat’s collar:

Probably the most effective way to shield birds from felines is to make clearly your pet is nearby. Attaching  a little bell  to your feline's collar can make any bird aware of their presence, offering them a chance to take off somewhere safe and secure.

Occupy them with an interactive toy:

Giving your feline another thing to zero in on can occupy them from needing to pursue birds. An intelligent toy that will keep them invigorated can assist with this, for example, a riddle toy that will offer a treat toward the end.

Change to a food with a high meat content:

A few felines will get a bird to leave on the doorstep, yet others will kill a bird to eat it. Assuming this is by all accounts the case, changing to a feline food that has a high meat content can truly assist with removing that desire.

Play with your cat every day:

An inquiry you should pose to yourself is the reason do felines kill birds? Now and then felines will chase because of weariness or from not having the option to follow up on their normal senses. This is the place where it can pay off to play with them regularly, to break them down. Giving them something to pursue as feline toys will likewise help, offering a deception of hunting and getting a more modest creature