Many times at night, everyone will get up to go to the toilet, so everyone often turns on a night light at night to avoid collision at night. China's professional LED night light factory will introduce the characteristics of intelligent light control led night light.

Energy saving: The night light adopts the most popular LED technology today. The ultra-low power consumption is very amazing! It lights up for 12 hours a day and consumes only 1 kWh for 10 years. Intelligent: Warm and intelligent high light control switch, more humane and rational, automatic switch according to the sensitivity of ambient light, light control intelligent light control switch. Beautiful: The cute and humorous unique mushroom shape changes the traditional image of lights in the traditional sense, adds a unique sense of life, and allows you to feel the style of nature and be closer to nature. Variety of styles: Unique styles can make different shapes according to your different moods every night, so that you can experience unexpected surprises again! Super long life: The products use LED lighting technology, carefully made of high quality materials. The service life can be up to 50,000 hours. Wide application: suitable for living room, bedroom, bathroom, hotel, bar, office, corridor.

At the beginning of product design, full consideration was given to the tense rhythm of modern life, which was intended to make people more relaxed. The soft brown packaging tone blends into the strong atmosphere of urban life, and it touches every nervous nerve of people. The representative works of fashion and elegance are not only just a light, but also humanized decoration accessories. It mobilizes the annual rings that are remembered in those melodious and romantic years, and meditates under the light to realize the way of life. Designers are deeply immersed in the subject of life, and are good at digging into the magnificent beauty that nature has given human beings. With the perfect combination of rich and magical fairy tale color mushrooms and modern high-tech, the intention is to interpret a technology with a strong and rational atmosphere, so that products and life are closer and closer. It is the perfect relationship for business, friendship, love, and affection. A product concentrating on the designer's scientific and technological efforts, not only a better platform for sublimation and release of emotions, but also a "catalyst" for the emotional crystals of love.

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