Sand Crabs make the perfect source of EXP and OSRS gold for low-leveled players. They have about 60HP simply have some part in every combat stat. They're at level 15, so make sure you're in the correct level to thrive encounters together.

Sometimes they drop valuable items, so please keep them for later sale. Selling them will give you a generous income from Old School Runescape Gold. Bring some potions to maintain your health, as this can increase the income from sand crab farming. They will initially disguise as rocks, and if the player approaches them, they will usually attack.

But where exactly is he and how can you get there? There are Sand Crabs in Crabclaw Island, south in the Great Kourend continent. A beach just above that island also houses these critters, if you pay the 10,000 coin fee to arrive at the island. These two spots are well-known, so switching to some less populated world may help you find and make a place to grind.

Anyway, listed here are the ways to make it. First, check out Port Salim. Find Veos within the northeastern platform, and select to head over to Port Piscarilius. From there, just run south toward the beach. You'll know if you are there if you see other players attacking Sand Crabs. Go and claim a location and start your grind.

There is the LovakengjMinecart Network. If you've raised your favor using the corresponding house and unlocked free transport (otherwise paying 50 coins), it is possible to take the minecart to Hosidius. Run southeast toward the beach, while using stepping stones (requires 45 Agility) on the way. And the easiest method is to advance your house to Hosidius (requires 25 Construction and 8,750 coins), teleport to the house, just go and run south to your beach.

And that's how to go to where Sand Crabs live. Make sure to keep checking the entire world map and that means you don't get lost. Now that you know where to locate them, go and initiate your grind! You will get levels and OSRS gold without working.