Newbies will care as soon as they try to OSRS gold create money and realize that each of the low level collecting methods have terrible gp/hour because the supplies have been devalued by bots and goldfarmers killing supervisors all day.Bots are bad. Allow me to get that out of the way and prevent any straw man arguments. Bots are bad. However, I don't believe that argument works at all. Here is the counter-point: Newbies will probably be thrilled that supplies are all cheap as hell so that they do not have to spend ridiculous hours farming money to fund their buyables.

Cheap supplies helps the newbs who want to buy the supplies and hurts the newbs that wish to make money selling them. Expensive supplies hurt the newbs that wish to buy them and assist people who want to create money.

In the long run, the costs have hardly any on the total experience of new players as a group.We truly appreciate all of the hard work you guys are putting into this game. Thank you for at least communicating to Buy Runescape gold us that you care and actively trying to do something about it.

Runelite has nice features but the official customer is created simpler than it is. Individuals got really spoiled with runelites attributes making the game even easier than it actually is.