There is a chilly barrier that separates them from one another.
An occurrence occurs when the liquid's pouring temperature is too low or the die temperature is too low, as in one of the conditions listed above: one of the conditions listed above.




Inability to fill quickly enough or a malfunctioning exhaust system are both possible causes.
It is possible to increase the flowability of an alloy by modifying its chemical composition.
There have been a variety of other names given to this mark, including tension mark, stretch mark, and mold sticking mark, among others.
In addition, alloy adhesion molds can be purchased from a variety of sources.
The amount of iron present in the aluminum alloy is less than 0.6% of the total weight of the aluminum alloy, which is the seventh characteristic. The number eight is an abbreviation for eight.
Ensure that the proper manufacturing slope is maintained throughout the entire production process by making any necessary adjustments to your mold.

When compared to the previous one, this one is more modest in scope.
Incorrect configuration of the gating system should be avoided, and the sectional area of the gate should be increased in the correct manner. The term formalized refers to the process by which a document is written in a specific way.
Some of the characteristics include the formation of a skin on the casting as well as a gas bulging bubble that forms during the casting process.

There is a lack of smoothness in the exhaust as a result of the design of the system.
To avoid the inclusion of eddy gas into a gas stream during the injection, reduce the injection speed as described in step two.

After the coating has been applied in a small amount of air, zinc alloy die casting factory becomes thin and uniform, after which it gradually fades away and disappears. Three, the coating becomes thin and uniform after it has been applied in a small amount of air.

Installation of an overflow tank as well as an exhaust duct are both planned as part of the project, and cleaning will be carried out as part of the process.

In this situation, the presence of gas is by far the most important factor to consider.
The gate speed is also excessively fast, resulting in the generation of system turbulence, which is detrimental to overall performance.

Utilizing the mosaic form of a vent plug allows for an increase in the amount of exhaust that flows through the deep cavity of the vent plug, which is beneficial.

This is referred to as "retracting one's statements" in another context.
Its characteristics are as follows: The rough surface of the hole develops as a result of insufficient internal compensation resulting from the hole's irregular shape; as a result, the rough surface of the hole forms during the condensing process.
When pouring the alloy at a temperature that is too high for its composition, one of the most common mistakes is to use too much force.

In proportion to the increase in volume, the size of the gate has been reduced by one-half.
Heat the mold to a temperature that is comfortable for you to handle.
Learn how to decipher the nine-digit code and solve the mystery.
It is being used at a low temperature setting, which is the third point.
When you reach this point, it is too late to perform the procedures of opening and core pulling.
Other names for this condition include insufficient irrigation, a hazy outline, and a corner where pieces of the puzzle are missing.
This is due to the gate speed having been set at a level that is insufficient for the current situation to operate properly.
When the mold temperature is too high, the gas pressure inside the cavity is too high, and China die casting manufacturer is difficult to discharge, keep the following considerations in mind:
A thin and uniform coat of paint is applied first, followed by a dry burn after the die is removed, in order to achieve a finished appearance.

Bring the temperature of the die down to that of its normal operating temperature is necessary.