In our daily life, there are still many applications of OEM aluminum enclosure . Next, let's talk about some classifications of aluminum enclosures.

The aluminum shell of the power supply is generally a shell made of elastic rubber, which can play the role of insulation. At the same time, the quality of the shell is also related to the life safety of consumers. A good quality shell can play a good role in insulation and waterproofing. Poor quality enclosures will not only affect the normal use of the machine but also endanger the lives of consumers. So which power supply enclosure should be chosen to be safer? The answer must be the enclosure made of high-quality and guaranteed materials.

The waterproof power supply shell is mainly an aluminum shell formed from plastic materials through an injection molding machine. It has a high degree of waterproof function, tough texture, not easy to seep water, and can better meet the needs of customers.

Of course, Die casting manufacturer has many other classifications in the application of OEM aluminum housings, but these two are more classic types.