OSRS is usually a well-known popular game. Diverse gameplay is a reason why OSRS might be popular. Today we are going to talk about the F2P gameplay in OSRS.

As a F2P player, giving you a better level and skills is much more important than everything else. Although this may involve using some RS3 Gold, don't care excessively. For F2P players, gold isn't as important as improving levels of skill.

The starting point is to enhance the character level to 20. This is easier. We can decide to go to Lumbridge to acquire some chicken and after that cook the chicken. This will besides make you reach level 10 quickly but additionally increase your cooking level furthermore. After reaching level 10, go to the Lumbridge Marsh. Kill every one of the rats hiding within the Lumbridge area. This can design your character reach level 20.

The second step would be to increase the type level to 70. Before reaching level 70, defeat Al-Kharid warriors to increase the character level to level 30. This is an easy part for many players. After this, find Hill Giants. They will provide a lot of experience points which means that your character level has become raised to 70. Don't miss this kind of good opportunity. In the look for Hill Giants, it's also possible to get valuable gold.

The third step required the level for being upgraded to 80. Giant spiders are fantastic helpers. If you can defeat Giant spiders, after that your character level can reach level 80 smoothly. Giant spiders will not be messy guy. Before fighting, please prepare enough potion. It would be better when your defense can readily resist spider attacks.

During the upgrade process, you will see times when it is crucial to use OSRS Gold. As a new F2P player, there exists definitely not enough gold from the early stage. I suggest you head to rsgoldbuy.com to acquire gold first.