Snapchat is unarguably the most popular application that is used for photo sharing and photo messaging. This brilliant application has introduced a new feature of Snaps and creating streaks however, sometimes users can face problems with loading snap and then enquiring about how to fix Snapchat?

We are going to give you some common solutions that you can use if you are not able to load snaps in your Snapchat. All the solutions are very easy and can be done by you. 


Quick Fixes to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps Problem

Method 1: Restart your phone

If your Snapchat is not loading snaps then, the very first method that you can try is to restart your mobile phone. Restarting the device fixes any glitches that may or may not be happening with the application. Also, close the application completely before you restart the mobile phone.


Method 2: Turn Off Data Saver

People usually open the data saver to save data and battery but this sometimes restricts the data usage of many apps. So, if the tap to load Snapchat feature is not working then, you can also disable the data saver if opened. You can do this from the Settings of your mobile device. 


Method 3: Clear Cache Data

It is also recommended to clear the cache data of the Snapchat application if Snapchat stories are not loading as the cache data sometimes prevent the application from functioning properly. There can sometimes be a faulty or corrupted file in the Snapchat cache which can be hampering the app and cleaning will fix the issue.


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