It's 6 days of quarantine-  a preventive measure from the spread  of the covid19 in Uganda. My workplace released us earlier from the  office based work and so I have spent all these days with this girl that calls me mom. 

She is excited, energetic, talkative, stubborn, thoughtful, chaotic,repentative, a reader, repeat. I have to keep up with all these and deliver on my work assignments-  also,ours is a small house space and we can barely be away from each other's space, sound and energy.

Amidst all these are exciting moments of rebirth, finding new names, story telling, annoying one another, saying sorry. Repeat.

The other day she said to me, "mummy when you call my name, add stone! so please say; Zoe Amara Stone"  Anha!!! the emphasis was vivid on her face, so I asked why? Because I am strong as a stone she said. 3 days down the road, the reminders are constant and name gets new revelations.

Did I learn something out of this?Ofcourse! I am who God says I am, I am not my circumstances, nor my past experiences, not who people think I am or should be. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am courageous, I am brave. I am smart, I am a mover of mountains, I am...

Who are you? Please share and let the story go on.