Tithe Farm generally is a rewarding Farming minigame in Old School RuneScape. If you've ever done Farming before, you know that there's a great deal of waiting involved.  Enough OSRS Gold can make you progress faster.

The optimal way to reach this minigame is to use the minigame teleport system. You can also relocate your house to the Hosidius house between 9,000 gold. If you've never visited Kourend before, it's possible to speak to Veos at Port Sarim and explore the nation. To get included in this minigame, you will need at least level 34 Farming and are also able to plant Golovanova seeds. If your level is not enough, it is recommended that you Buy RS3 Gold to increase your farming level. To maximize the big event, being level 74 is great, but this is the only real active method of train Farming regardless. 

First, you need to go to the farmer's house, where the purple icon is placed, and select the highest level of available seeds. You will get 100 seeds: this is the maximum number of seeds you can carry. Unless there are already dead plants, you can plant seeds anywhere. After sowing, you should water three times, each watering depends on the growth cycle of the plant. The total time for plant growth is 3 minutes. If you don't water the plant before the end of the growth cycle, it will die, and you will waste the seeds.

Once a plant has fully grown, you might want to harvest it. If you delay the harvest process, the rose will also effectively die inside the same way in case you never watered it. You must then deposit any harvested fruit from the sack with all the eastern side of Tithe Farm. If it is not enough, you should buy OSRS Gold. For each fruit you deposit following a 74th, you might additionally gain one point you are able to spend inside the rewards shop.

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