Path of Exile’s 2020 updates included some unique Leagues for players to explore, like Harvest and Heist. But the first expansion for 2021 contains more than just a handful of activities, new loot, and new builds. Echoes of the Atlas expands Path of Exile’s endgame with new bosses, systems, and skill trees. On January 7, the developer Grinding Gear Games’ live show for the new expansion has already introduced what interesting content will be there. Players are actively preparing for POE Currency for it.

It will activate the new Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas systems after players enter the endgame. Players have to follow The Maven’s instructions to play against bosses in different regions, but the bad news is that the more bosses they defeat, the more difficult it is to defeat her. It is good news for players who like to challenge high levels of difficulty. When the players’ game progress reaches a certain stage, they must defeat the familiar bosses at the same time. Anyway, the ultimate boss is Maven. As always, players who beat her will receive an enormous amount of rewards. 

Path of Exile players know that it is famous in the entire RPG game field for its huge and highly free passive skill tree. Players can also create various fancy skills based on the passive skill tree to help them grow or simply have fun. However, the new Atlas passive skill tree where players earn points by defeating The Maven is different. They will not know the specific situation until the players actually enter the endgame.

The now known Path of Exile 3.13 extension was released on January 15, but it is for PC. Xbox players and PS4 players will have to wait until January 22 to experience the new content. But it is also good for them from another angle. At that time, they can absorb the experience summarized by those PC users who have experienced the new expansion to make corresponding changes and Buy more POE Currency to make themselves better. Wait patiently!

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