These days it is common for people to look to sell their gold near me. Lately, the price of gold has been on the upswing and this means that it is the best time to sell gold. However, selling your gold for the best price requires smartness at your end.


Let us find what tips you should keep in mind when trying to sell gold-

  • Know the market rates- Most of the time the price of gold is on the higher side. This means that it will help you gain profit but during certain times gold prices hit an all-time high. Always keep a check on the market rates so that you sell your gold when the prices reach the highest.
  • Know the gold weight- One of the first things the gold buyer will ask you is the weight of your gold. It is in your best interest to know your gold weight and value before you approach the buyer.
  • Know the quality- All gold valuables come in different levels of purity. The Karat value determines how pure your gold is and that ultimately decides the price of gold. It is highly recommended that you assess the purity of gold before going to the gold buyer so that there is no room for cheating.
  • Do your research- The Internet is the king of things. Just search “sell gold for cash in Karol Bagh” and many names will pop up on your screen. Check their ratings and reviews before shortlisting the most distinguished name.
  • Check credentials- Once you shortlist the most reputed gold buyer, you can either visit them in person or call them to confirm their credentials. Do not hesitate to clear whatever doubt you have. This will avoid any last-minute confusion that you may face otherwise.
  • Selecting buyer- We strongly suggest that price quotes should not be your only criteria for shortlisting the most favorable gold buyer. It is very likely that many buyers who give a very high price dupe you when you finally deal with them. Therefore, customer reviews and their reputation in the market should be the most important criteria to judge the legitimacy of the buyer.

Hope you are in a better position to understand why it is essential to do your homework before you head to a gold buyer. But, ever thought why does one actually sell gold? Let’s quickly learn some benefits to sell gold:

  • Be practical- There might be old or broken gold jewellery sitting in your locker that may never find its way out. Do you think it’s sensible to keep such jewellery for ages? Adopt a practical approach and find the best place to sell gold so that you get some cash from it.
  • Smart move- Gold is a valuable metal that fetches great returns when you sell it off. This monetary benefit that you get can be utilized for many purposes.
  • Bails one out of emergency- One of the most common reasons why people sell gold is to handle an emergency. Many emergency situations require instant cash that can be obtained by selling gold.

To conclude, we suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry. Sellers who are aware not only safeguard their own interests, but they also come across as knowledgeable and informative.

Jewels Planet is one such name that meets all this criteria when you search the market for gold-buyers. It’s transparency, honesty, and promising customer reviews are the prime reasons behind its shining reputation.