Hello Friends how are you, I hope you will be fine, in today's amazing blog we will talk about What Is a Relationship You all must have heard the name of the relationship but do you know what a relationship is, to all of you this It would seem that the relationship is a tariq ka milan ho lekin aisa hai hai Relationship is called what you call a connection, connection means that when you love someone, it is called Relationship, you all have some love at some point. Pyar Kaise Karte Hain must have happened, we will also tell you all

Friends, if you are in love with someone, you went to him to talk about your heart, but let me tell you that I am already in the relationship, friends, the relationship means something like this, which we will tell you further, the relationship would have been of many ways. It is as if you have put more than anyone in your homes, most people are very attached to their parents at home, the relationship that you have with your parents is very different because if something happens to your parents. If so, you feel very nervous because since childhood, you should grow up with the same pauses and fulfill all your wishes, fulfill your parents, you cannot compare the relationship between parents with anything.