Velvet is a fabric that makes furniture design a serious comeback. Velvet is usually a synthetic material. It is made by a special weaving technique that weaves two fibers together and then cuts them. This is the reason for the fluff effect, which makes velvet so soft and luxurious.

Velvet is also a more interesting choice. It has an amazing appearance and is available in many colors. One thing to consider is that it can be tricky to clean, and it may be necessary to brush with a soft stiff brush to restore the fluff. Therefore, you may want to keep it in a children's and pet-free area.

Of course, if we do not mention microfiber, we can not talk about how to choose sofa fabric. Microfiber is a newbie in the field of interior decoration. It is a durable and affordable synthetic fiber. In fact, it can imitate almost any other fabric, from leather to suede, making it a cost-effective choice for many shoppers.

Another benefit of microfiber is that it is easy to clean spots with solvent-based cleaners, and you can use a lint roller to remove pet hair and debris. Just remember that if your microfiber resembles a more leather-like material, you should condition it regularly to prevent cracking or peeling.

If you are not sure how to choose sofa fabric, you can contact our Yifan sofa fabric supplier. We are always happy to help.