If there isn't much time next, it is simple to get rid of the search for OSRS gold and glory. Then there is undoubted that this "restless ghost" mission is definitely an adventure and won't take up too a lot of time and energy. The ghost lives inside the Lumbridge cemetery, as well as the pastor of Saladome Church also hopes that you can finish the task.

There aren't really any requirements due to this quest, besides being able to kill or evade a skeleton at combat level 13. It is recommended that you would carry on some Lumbridge teleports plus a Necklace of the passage should you be an affiliate. So, you do not possess to turn to find somebody who is RS3 Gold selling to gather a lot of OSRS items using this quest. 

To begin the Restless Ghost quest, visit Lumbridge chapel and talk with Father Dereck. He will teach you that there is a ghost that might be haunting the Lumbridge graveyard and wants you to definitely assist do away with it. You will be told to talk with Father Urhney, who is going to be found in a house on your west of Lumbridge Swamp. You will find a residence nearby, so attractive, and consult with Father Urhney. You are going to receive an amulet of Ghostspeak, utilized to talk to your ghost showcased. 

There isn't a good deal in terms of rewards for completing this Restless Ghost quest. You will however receive a quest point and 1125 prayer experience. You will also obtain the amulet of Ghostspeak to hold, which is useful in the likes of Creature of Fenkenstrain and also other Old School Runescape quests.

As you can see, if you don't have enough time, then this task is perfect for you. Not only do you don't need to buy too many OSRS Gold for this task, but it won't cost you a lot of energy.