The horsepower (HP) rating of the compressor indicates the power output of the engine or electric motor. Measured in PSI, higher horsepower produces more air pressure. A higher PSI means that the compressor can store more air in the fuel tank, allowing you to operate pneumatic tools longer. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) and standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) describe the amount of air delivered by a compressor at a particular PSI level. The CFM value changes with PSI. When the PSI output is reduced, the CFM increases. Compressors with higher CFM ratings can deliver more air and are more suitable for heavier applications, such as operating pneumatic wrenches and frame nailers.

Compressor manufacturers evaluate tank sizes in gallons. Smaller tanks (approximately 4 to 6 gallons) are sufficient for many projects, such as spray guns and nail guns or nail guns Larger tanks can store more compressed air at higher pressures. They are suitable for larger tasks that require continuous airflow, such as automotive work and retrofit projects.

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