A very well-known social platform that has been used globally by everyone. It’s a platform for everyone, Gen Z to old-aged people. We all know that it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Nowadays Facebook is also promoting business. A Facebook business page is a web page that helps companies to build their presence on social platforms. A company can share its business ideas or product on a Facebook page to promote them worldwide. Companies can use various ways to promote their ads on Facebook. A Facebook business page is a low-cost marketing strategy. It means a company doesn’t need to put a heavy amount of money to raise awareness about their brand or to promote their product. 

If I talk about the pros. It’s the 21st century, people are now accepting social media. Facebook itself helps you to promote your brand. It will monitor and improve your product's advertisement and also plans for your future promotions. Customer service and feedback can always help the company to make improvements. Facebook is always targeted based on age, location, and gender. A company can always post pictures and videos of its product.  Facebook can promote the company worldwide.

As we know if there are pros, there are always cons. Well to advertise on Facebook and to set up a business page on Facebook, a good amount of time and resources is needed. To manage a Facebook business page you need a skillful person which is difficult to find. Negative comments can always affect your company not just the Company but the owner too. Budget is one of the most important things. sometimes you don’t have enough budget to promote your ads. 

Overall Its useful for small-scale companies. It can help them boost their work.