New Jordans Retro, The status of Air Jordan 4 in the hearts of players is unquestionable. With its classic shape and rich color matching, it maintains a high popularity in the sneaker circle. The color matching design of the whole pair of "Red Thunder" shoes replaces the yellow in the "Leigong" shoes with red, reinterpreting the most classic black and red color matching in the Air Jordan series. The whole pair of "Dianmu" shoes is made of yellow nubuck leather as a whole. The particularly eye-catching color matching and excellent materials are very eye-catching. There is not much difference in the shoe shape compared to the first year version. The whole shoe is made of leather, and the overall color matching uses the classic midnight blue of the Air Jordan series. The color matching of the upper is quite similar to the previous Air Jordan 4 "white and red".
2022 Jordan Release Shoes To Buy, Like the "Oregon" Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, and Air Jordan 5 are rare collectible sneakers, so every pair of new Oregon shoes is born with a high degree of attention. As the top "shoe king" PJ Tucker in the shoe circle, there are many Oregon PE collections, such as "Oregon" Air Jordan 8, which was first exposed through Tucker. The new Air Jordan 6 "Metallic Silver" is made of pure leather material. The pure black color scheme highlights the low-key midsole. The bright metallic silver on the back of the palm highlights the color theme, and the outsole is a consistent crystal base material. The upper is made of pure leather material, the classic black, white and red color matching, and the black rubber on the midsole brings more contrasting visual effects.
Latest Nike Jordan Sneakers, The overall shoe body adopts white as the main tone, and the side Swoosh and the outsole part are supplemented by tan embellishments, continuing the simple and classical style. The special thing is that in addition to the traditional Nike Air logo and Air Force 1 logo, the tongue is also specially embroidered with the words "Anniversary Edition" in gold. Additional Since 1982 tags and poster cards are added to the shoe body, releasing a strong commemorative meaning. The classic Air Max 1 is used in the shoe shape, incorporating a large number of popular elements, and the material and color stitching design is very eye-catching. The vamp is made of tannin and canvas, embellished with a small amount of horsehair-like material, and inherits the consistent high specifications. The unique totem pattern and animal pattern make the already rich vamp more layered.