We all believe there is no place like home. We try to make our home as comforting as possible. But when it comes to the elderly, they have various physical conditions that make simple things a little complex. Thus, making a few changes and adding a few things can make their experience better. Here are a few changes that you can do to make your home elderly-friendly.

Right Kind of Furniture

Modifying furniture to the height elderlies can easily sit and stand up is necessary. Most of them have joint pains which makes it difficult for them to get up from the chair or bed. So beds with adjustable height or beds with a suitable height is what you need to make your home elderly-friendly. 

The same is with chairs. Be it a dining table chair or resting chair, make sure the chairs are wide and strong enough for them to sit comfortably without the chair moving from place.

If you have round doorknobs you can change them to lever-style doorknobs as they are more comfortable and easier for elderlies with less flexible wrists and lower strength. 

Safe Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where most falls happen, especially amongst elderlies as they have less control over their bodies. So it is essential to make the bathroom safer for them to use independently. There are various bathroom aids you can install in your homes to make a safe experience for them. 

Grab bars or rails can be installed on the walls of the bathroom, near the toilet, near the shower tub, etc. for elderlies to hold. The other thing you can do is invest in a shower chair for elderly. This chair also comes with wheels so that you can move it easily. It is beneficial for elderlies with less or zero mobility. You can invest in a commode chair if the elderly cannot independently access the toilet. 

Ample Lighting

An ample amount of light is not only safer but also makes the home cheerful. elderlies tend to complete their tasks in daylight. You can have large windows through which a good amount of light can pass.  

For elderlies with poor vision, a well-lighted home helps them do their tasks anytime. Overhead lights may will sophisticated and fancy but they can be impractical as they do not lighten the corners well. You can get lightenings installed on passages, corridors, bathrooms, and inside cupboards, wardrobes as well.

Easy Movement

If your house is not on the ground floor, make sure your apartment has a lift so that elderlies don’t have to climb more stairs. Also, your house must be spacious enough for elderlies to move freely and not bump into the furniture. It might be possible that they are using some sort of mobility aid like a walking stick or walking frame. So opt for clean and clutter-free layouts to let elderlies move comfortably in the house. 

Safety and Security

It might be the case that your parents are alone in the house. They rely more on doorstep deliveries. So securing your house with a security camera is a necessity. If elderlies are going to stay alone in the house for longer, installing cameras inside the house is beneficial to keep an eye on any undesirable events and take quick action. 

Intelligent Flooring

Having marbles or tiles as flooring can be a little tricky for elderly people. But using mosaic tiles or terracotta tiles, etc. are less slippery as their structure provides friction. It is not easy to change the whole flooring if it is already done then you can put rugs and non-slippery mats on the floor. 


Being mindful while making changes can really make an elderly's life comfortable and safe. Changing or adding simple things like doorknobs or high-rise beds, a commode chair and shower chair for elderly, a security camera, proper lighting, and more can make a significant difference.

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