Solar DC Refrigerator

Solar energy is one of the energy sources that we can harness. We sometimes use it to heat or dry things etc. It is our natural energy source. There are many places where solar energy can be used, so when it comes to refrigerator cooling, solar energy is no exception. Like DC freezer is the representative of solar cooling.

Using solar energy for cooling is an important part of solar energy utilization. Solar refrigeration is also the use of solar energy as an energy source to generate steam or hot water to drive ordinary refrigerators. It is a very promising field and a hot spot of current refrigeration technology research.
One is to use solar collectors to achieve photothermal conversion and thermal cooling; the other is to use photoelectric converters to achieve photoelectric conversion and electrical cooling. The latter is to convert solar energy into electricity first, and then use electricity for cooling, such as photovoltaic, thermoelectric cooling, etc. However, due to its high cost, there are few researches and applications at present. There are many studies and applications of photothermal refrigeration methods such as absorption, adsorption, and injection. Among them, absorption and jet refrigeration have entered the application stage, and adsorption is still in the research stage.
When solar refrigeration technology is fully popularized, China's freezer industry may enter a new stage.

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