Rent Villas in Palm Jumeirah
    Palm Jumeirah is the world's largest human-made island. The island reeks luxury and the upper-class and offering a lifestyle distant from the rest of Dubai. International celebrities, international socialites, and wealthy entrepreneurs love to live on the island. Thousands of villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah, and you could rent according to your needs.
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    Benefits of 3d exterior rendering service
    Why do I need a 3d exterior rendering company? There are a lot of benefits to getting help from exterior designers.   Here are some uses of such services:  1. You need to get an investment for your construction project and would like to showcase how the property will look like in the surroundings. With 3d exterior rendering you can get views from different angles, with various surroudings and details.   2. You are an agent selling a property with a neglected front and back...
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    5 major risks if you are thinking of moving your stuff on your own
    You prefer self-moving, then you should know the major risks you can face with. At the same time, you have to be aware of the common mistakes that people do. When you have the information about all those things, then only, you can make the right decision that moving with the assistance of packers and movers will be good or you can shift your stuff on your own and that to be with the ease. Higher cost If you are thinking of relocating your stuff on your own and that is just because of the...
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    2 bed maisonette for sale
    Manor Park Road, London N2 £535,000 Call 020 3478 3542 A well presented and spacious two bedroom ground floor maisonette with a large private garden at the rear. Situated at the end of a pedestrianised road, this end-of-terrace also benefits from a patio garden at the front. The property has period features throughout, including two fireplaces and restored wooden floors. Reception and bedroom windows have newly installed double glazing and the bathroom has been recently refurbished. The...
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    Buy an Apartments in Dubai
    I think Dubai is the best place to invest in real estate. The real estate market is so high there, and investors come from the whole world to invest in Dubai. If you are planning to invest in Dubai, you can buy an apartment there. See Dubai Sale to find the best sales properties in Dubai, and I hope it must help you a lot.
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    A class warehouse in Prime location of Transport Nagar, New Delhi. For Leasing email us at or call us at 9810286126/9702810327 Location: Samaypur/Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar Type: RCC Covered Area : 32,000 Sq.Ft Open Area : 10,000 Sq.Ft Height : 20 Feet for 20,000 Sq Ft and 15 Feet for 12,000 Sq Ft Plinth Height: 4 Ft. Compounded: Yes Electricity: 3 Phase Toilets: 3 Passage: 40 Feet container movement Security: Yes Other Facilities: Admin area, Ramp. Rate: Rs 18 Per...
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    Indian property consultants market is highly unorganized and has many inherent inefficiencies. I will be discussing the current state and challenges of unorganized real estate consultancy in India.There are roughly 10 lakh independent consultants working across India.This is one of the biggest employer after agriculture in India. “But a major drawback of this industry is it lacks coordination. Since the real estate brokerage market is an unorganized one, the agents are mostly bound to...
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    The cold storage business started around the 1800s, but during that time the only industry using it were the breweries and they mainly rely on the unsanitary practice of ice-harvesting. By the 1900s, the idea of cold storage had dribbled into the meat packing business, until finally in the mid 20th century; these refrigeration facilities have been installed on trucks which were used to transport perishable foods to long distances. India’s cold chain sector is anticipated to reach Rs....
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    Self Managed Warehousing Vs. Outsourcing to 3PL Service Provider
    Warehousing has always been the backbone of any logistics strategy thereby giving leverage to forecast and plan your distribution strategy. Warehousing has always been the least priority area in terms of investment and technology adoption. However there has been a major shift in this outlook due to the customer expectation set high by e-commerce companies whereby vouching for 1 day and 2-day delivery experience. Now warehousing is the priority area to enhance customer satisfaction. 3PL is a...
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    Want to build an Ideal warehouse : Key Factors to consider
    Logistics is the bridge that connects the manufacturer to consumer . The share of warehousing is only 14–34% of total logistics cost but it is the backbone of supply chain network during various stages of transportation. Warehouse standards in Unorganized warehousing sector The share of organised indian warehousing industry is growing and developing Grade A warehouses however the industry is still dominated by unorganized fragmented players. The warehousing demand is being tapped as an...
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    So what makes these ubiquitous drones so awe inspiring .And are they really going to make our local postman/transporter jobless? Drones are essentially flying robots and can either be autonomous or manned remotely. Many companies are exploiting drones’ ability to capture high-resolution imagery using tech ranging from regular cameras to laser scanners, leading experts to predict that the drones will spawn a $90 billion industry within a decade. Drones aren’t just for paparazzi and...
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    This post is based on my personal experience, when I started searching for a warehouse to support my business. It turned out to be a nightmare. I started with google, which 90 % of people start with for any solution to their problem. Google suggested me some real estate listing websites and some direct links of warehousing companies. So below are the options you will come across when you start searching warehouses in India. Searching on Real Estate listing companies Real...
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