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  • create augmented reality application
    Augmented Reality Application is a great solution for those who want to relax and have a good rest. But you must not forget that such an application will also help you to succeed in business. Yes, now it is not so easy to bypass competitors, but you can remotely communicate with partners and come to a common goal with the skillful use of modern technologies. Of course, even such an application...
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  • How to make POS system
    POS system creation is the best solution for your business. This is very similar to magic, in fact there is nothing like that. Of course, when running a business, many remain in multitasking mode. Since you need to manage different processes, be an administrator, accountant and, to some extent, a companion. If you want to shift some of the responsibilities, it's time to automate the process....
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  • Social networking app development
    Instagram is an application that almost every person has on their phones. This is not surprising because it has become even more popular than VKontakte, classmates, and many other sites. You can rest assured that creating such social networking app development is good, if only because people will not stop communicating online, exchanging data, and sharing their lives. So don't miss your chance...
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  • How to make a learning app
    Since now all students are transferred to distance learning, it will be advisable to create convenient applications with which they can gain new knowledge, communicate with teachers and confirm their level. You will probably think that everything has been invented for a long time and you shouldn't even bother in this direction. A good decision would be to improve what is, or create something...
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  • Natural language processing in recruitment
    Natural language processing in recruitment - what is it, and what is it for? It is a technology whose main goal is to make human language understandable to machines. She uses artificial intelligence, due to which it is possible to get a successful job between a person and a computer. This can be seen in the recruiting application as an example. You set your requirements for the applicant,...
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  • How to make a booking app
    Applications for booking hotels have been invented especially for people who often travel. Not all of them are comfortable, but there are a couple of favorites that are popular around the world. If you also lead an active lifestyle and do not want to be attached to one city, you can safely use one of the programs. How to make a booking app? What's more, you can even create an app for travelers...
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  • How to create a p2p money transfer app
    If you want to create a mobile application for electronic payments, this is a good idea. After all, every year the possibility of cashless payments increases, and everything around is optimized. It is no longer necessary to carry a bank card with you. Having fixed it on your smartphone, you can pay by card from your phone. Convenient, fast, no unnecessary problems. Of course, hundreds of...
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  • How to create real estate website
    Do you want to create a website that will display property search ads? Well thought out! After all, this question will never lose its relevance, regardless of what kind of housing is being sought - for purchase or rent. It is not so easy to do this all alone, because there are so many unsuccessful resources on the network that have not worked properly. That is why it is worth resorting to the...
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  • HR software development
    Many are wondering how important software will play in a few years. Perhaps as important as the recruiting specialists. Previously, they were underestimated due to the fact that company directors independently selected personnel. However, how high-quality the staff can be when a professional take over. After all, working in a company of like-minded people is much more pleasant and productive....
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  • What is DevOps as a service
    Do you think you need DevOps as a service? And what is so special about this service? DevOps has many benefits for modern software developers. This can include continuous-release, testing, application monitoring. And these are not all the positive aspects. Before DevOps, there were some disagreements between operators and developers. But after that the need to find out who is responsible for...
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