WOKE UGANDA: Dialogues dedicated to equipping Afrikan youth with relevant tools of knowledge to succed. Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation, Ebukhosini Solutions in partnership with Kafeero Foundation present a phenomenal opportunity to host elder Baba Buntu to host a dialogue for youth and young adults schedule to take place at Innovation Junction also know as Kafeero.tv on the day of 14th November in Muyenga, Kampala. The focus will be on critical issues facing young Afrikan people and solutions on how to resolve them. The dialogue will be facilitated by elder Baba Buntu from Johannesburg - South Africa. Elder Baba Buntu is a Community Scholar and founding Director of Bukhosini Solutions – a company specializing in Afrikan knowledge and practice in Johannesburg, South Afrika. Having more than 30 years of experience, his expertise areas include Afrikan-centered education, cultural empowerment and development of Afrikan young entrepreneurs. The objective of the program is to inspire young Afrikan leaders to create solution-orientation processes through critical thinking, Afrikan analyses and culturally rooted practices. Given the many challenges Afrika is facing, it is time for young Afrikans to get WOKE!