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  • Fight against seasonal changes with respiratory air spray
    Seasonal changes get you down with a cold, blocked nose or runny nose and they are equally irritating. It disturbs your daily tasks and leads to headaches if the relief solution is not taken timely. Using air spray will help you get rid of cold, running nose, dry nose and more in a fraction of seconds. Using Respiratory Air Spray formulated with 100% natural ingredients will help...
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  • Calming Scents To Help You Unwind
    After working so hard throughout the day you need calm in life. The calming scents serve as a great treat to make you comfortable. It creates an instantly relaxing atmosphere. These soothing scents will help to restore your energy and provides enlightenment of serenity. It serves as a natural solution for restful sleep nights. Here are few scents to help you unwind and distress: ·...
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  • Baby massage and its benefits
    Babies need love and pampering. When they don’t get an adequate amount of sleep or sleeping pattern gets disturbed than they become cranky and certain health issue shows up. You really need to give a therapeutic massage to the baby to avoid an abrupt sleeping pattern. A gentle massage to a baby will promote relaxation and peaceful sleep. Regular massage not only promotes relaxation &...
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  • Benefits of air spray to decrease stress
    The rest and relax air spray from Puressential is a 100% solution to prepare for peaceful, serene and restful sleep nights. It helps to breathe in tranquility with pleasing aromas of roman chamomile, sweet orange, palmarosa, lavender and marjoram. The spray helps the body to relax and distress. As we age, our sleeping pattern gets disturbed which may leads to anxiety. When you spritz it once,...
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  • Scots Pine for fresh and odorless air
    The most favourable property of scots pine is its pleasing odour. It is natural, fresh and pleasant. The exhilarating smell of pine alongside its refreshing properties increases it’s entice to be used in purifying air sprays. The odour properties that are preserved in pine essential oil makes the unpleasant smell, fresh. The clarifying, uplifting and invigorating effect of scots pine...
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  • Safety precautions for essential oils: Seven golden rules
    Discover the 7 golden rules for using essential oils with 100% peace of mind: Strictly observe the dosages, precautions for use, length of treatment and administration route: these are active extracts which must be used with the utmost care. Always keep your essential oil in its original packaging, with the instruction leaflet, so that you can refer to it whenever you need. Indication...
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  • Essential Oils that are safe to use for babies
    When you plan to start using anything on your baby than you must first ask from a care provider. And using essential oils for babies can also be a serious concern as there are only few essential oils that are safe for babies. Products that are designed for babies with essential oils are more diluted than the normal ones. Following are the safe essential oils for babies: 1. Lavender...
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  • 4 tips to sleep better and unwind
    The term “sleep disorders” refers to ailments as different as falling asleep suddenly during the day (narcolepsy), sleeping too much (hypersomnia), or too little (insomnia). They all have the same disastrous effect: disrupting daytime life where we navigate between drowsiness and nervousness. Difficulty falling asleep can be reflected in two ways, either by the inability to drift...
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  • How to facilitate relaxation with essential oils?
    Essential oil serves as a controlled way to proselytize personal well-being. Essential oils are concentrated, naturally occurring, chemically extracted from trees, plants and flowers. These oils are gleaned from specific part of the plant. The essential oil is 100% pure as potentially vast amount of plant material is required to procure small quantity of essential oil. These oils has enormous...
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  • The 8 spheres of action of essential oils
    SKIN — HAIR Tea tree, Asian rosewood, Roman chamomile, Atlas cedar, cistus ladanifer, Java citronella, cypress, lemon eucalyptus, eucalyptus globulus, geranium, helichrysum, bay laurel, spike lavender, true lavender, super lavandin, lemongrass, peppermint, niaouli, sweet orange, compact oregano, palmarosa, petitgrain bigarade, rosemary verbenone, mountain savory, thyme linalool,...
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