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  • New World Gathering Tool Pickaxe Guide
    A Pickaxe is a Tool used in the Mining gathering skill in New World. The players ' inventory must be present before collecting ore from veins or Stone from Boulders. So it is an essential tool for those who have chosen mining as one of their gathering professions, as well as Stonemasons and Blacksmiths. It's even crucial in the advancement of Settlements. Here's how to get hold of the...
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  • Madden 22 Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team
    A theme team is a Madden 22 Ultimate Team that consists of all players who played for the same NFL franchise at some point in their careers. You can reminisce by playing with your childhood heroes while seeing how they would play with your favorites from today. Now, many players are pursuing their favorites, which means building the ideal Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team. In this article, we've...
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  • New World Top Tips You Need To Know
    New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on September 28, 2021. The New World guides you through your exploration of Aeternum and a mystical land said to hide the secret of immortality. There’s plenty to do, including crafting, gathering, questing, and plenty of PVP opportunities. As you explore, you will discover beauty,...
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  • How To Get Training Points In Madden 22
    In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, one of the keys to building a strong team is getting the number of Training points for the cheapest madden 22 coins possible. Training points are used to buy items such as Playbooks and Uniforms. However, the most important is that it can unlock some players’ unique abilities like Superstar Abilities or X-Factors, which can give you the edge in a game.  So...
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  • How To Get A Pick In The New World
    When you appear in the game, your inventory is almost empty and you can harvest only Bushes and Flint. Other nodes remain locked until you get proper tools.  A Pick allows you to start harvesting Boulder to get a stone required in many Crafting recipes. So getting a Pick in the New World is essential because you can’t start harvesting ore and stone nodes without it. So in this...
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  • Where To Find Charcoal In New World
    New World has an elaborate crafting system with dozens of different materials to harvest, mine, and collect. Charcoal is one of many resources in New World that you can craft. Once you have Charcoal, you can make many other things essential in combat, such as Gunpowder and Bullets. In this article, we will show you how to craft Charcoal in New World. Before you start to craft anything in the...
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  • Crafting In New World
    When you arrive at Aeternum, you will begin crafting tools to progress your trade and craft skills. You will immediately face challenges to overcome. As you progress your trade and craft skills, you will eventually gather, refine and craft many powerful things.  Crafting in New World allows players to create different items, including weapons, ammo, armor, harvesting tools, food, and so...
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  • Madden 21 Ratings: Best Cornerbacks 
    A cornerback is a member of the defensive backfield. Cornerbacks cover receivers most of the time and blitz and defend against such offensive running as sweeps and reverses. They create turnovers through hard tackles, interceptions, and deflecting forward passes. The crop of Madden 21 cornerbacks are as strong as ever, but there are a clear group of elite players who stand out from the rest of...
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  • How To Beat Cover 4 In Madden NFL 21
    In Madden 21, Cover 4 is a four-deep, three-under zone defense that uses man-to-man principles while creating opportunities for both the free and strong safety to double the No. 1 wide receiver. Think of both cornerbacks and the two safeties in a standard four-deep look with two underneath flat defenders and a linebacker playing the "middle hook" to wall off any inside-breaking concept. When...
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  • The Fastest Middle Linebackers To Use In Madden 21
    In Madden NFL 21, speed is crucial. Whether it's taking the top off the defense with a deep route, keeping up with a speedy WR, or setting the edge on run defense, speed has always been an important rating. And as user defenders slow down this year, having a fast MLB will be more important than ever.  Offenses focus on fastball carriers, even at quarterback, so you need a speedster to...
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