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  • F2159 Pex Crimp Fitting With Different Materials
       As we all know, F2159 PEX Crimp Fitting refers to a kind of pipe used as a carrier of low-temperature hot water circulation in low-temperature hot water floor radiant heating system (referred to as floor heating). So what is a floor heating pipe is to involve floor heating pipes of various materials. Next, the floor heating construction team will show you what is the difference in the...
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  • Main Features Of Pex Crimp Fitting
    Simple joint assembly PEX Crimp Fitting joints are usually made of crimped connecting rings or compression fittings. These joints are simple and fast to complete, without welding and torches, unless you need to connect the new PAP wire to the current copper supply pipe.Flexibility-you can bend them in any direction with your hands and keep them in a fixed position. This allows you to bypass it...
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  • Surface repair of F2159 PEX Crimp Fitting
    F2159 PEX Crimp Fitting is affected by the environment during the production process, and certain defects will be formed on the pipe surface, such as rough surface or groove marks on the surface.If the surface of the PE pipe fittings manufacturer's product is rough, it may be because the temperature of the main machine head is too high or too low, causing the outer surface to be rough. The core...
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  • Introduction To The Purchase Of Pex Fittings Plastic
    Where to buy PEX Fittings Plastic PVC pipe PPR pipe, if it is used as a water supply or drainage pipe, then it must be re-inspected, and this must be carried out carefully, and there must be no mistakes. The specific implementation unit is the location of the pipe. Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Center, to carry out the re-inspection of the pipe. In PPR pipes, the purity of the...
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  • Selection Of Pex Crimp Fitting Price
    PEX Expansion Fittings are used for floor heating main pipes for hot water systems. It has good thermal insulation performance. Because PPR is a random copolymer polypropylene synthesized by gas phase method, its structure is characterized by the random linkage of PE molecules among PP molecules, and the molecular weight is from 300,000. ~800,000, but because PPR pipes are not flexible enough,...
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  • The Burst Of Pex Fittings Plastic
    Nowadays, the service life of PEX Fittings Plastic water pipes on the market has been advertised as 50 years, but why are there still many water pipe leaks and bursts? First of all, the connection of the PPR pipe is not tight during the hot-melt connection. The most direct cause of water leakage in the water pipe is that the connection is not strong. For example, the temperature of the hot-melt...
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  • Treatment Of Reverse Connection Of Pex Fittings Plastic Backwater
    After discovering that the direction of the water supply and return of the PEX Fittings Plastic manifold is reversed, the filter must be changed to the correct pipe direction in time. If a circulating pump and other devices are installed on the previous return pipe, then it must be removed in time. Because if it is not removed at this time, the original filtering and boosting accessories...
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  • F1960 Fittings Water Intake Is Reversed
    F1960 Fittings has the water supply at the bottom and the return water at the top, which will not affect the heating temperature and heating cycle. However, there must be a prerequisite, that is, the filter valve installed on the manifold is also on the intake bar. In other words, if the incoming water is connected to the bottom, then the filter must be replaced below. It is a relatively common...
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  • Reasons For The Application Of Pex Fittings Wholesale
    Nowadays, for new house decoration, everyone will consider using ppr tube, and the country also supports everyone to choose ppr tube, ppr tube has become the main force in the home improvement tube market. So why do you choose it for home improvement? As a ppr pipe manufacturer, the editor of Almighty E will show you the advantages and disadvantages of F1960 Fittings. PPR pipe, the main raw...
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  • The Production Impact Of Pex Fittings Plastic
    PEX Fittings Plastic is a type of pipe fittings that are used in the construction industry and its home decoration. PE pipes are actually pipe fittings produced and processed from polyethylene materials. The methods and processing techniques used in the production process are very large. At the level, it will endanger the quality of the HDPE pipe factory, and the selection of raw materials, the...
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