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  • How to Improve the Compression Ratio of a Gasoline Engine
    Before World War II, gasoline engines were used as the power for agricultural and gardening tools under 1 kilowatt, up to several kilowatts of aviation engines. After World War II, the use of gasoline engines has shrunk, and they are still used in low-power internal combustion engines, motorcycles, cars, small airplanes, and light trucks. Divided into carburetor type and gasoline injection...
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  • Advantages of Gasoline Engine Power Sprayer
    The gasoline engine power sprayer is compact in structure, easy to operate, simple and convenient to operate, stable in performance, easy to maintain, and ensures the efficiency of operation. The frame adopts a reinforced structure, which has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and durability. It is suitable for spraying agriculture and liquid fertilizer on large areas such as fruit...
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  • The Benefits of Choosing a Gasoline Powered Sprayer
    Advantages of gasoline engine power sprayer: Volume. Gasoline engine-powered sprayers usually produce a larger volume than electric sprayers. This is useful for applications that need to put down a lot of products but don't want to spend a whole day. For example, Termite pretreatment•Weed budding work•Drive large spray boom or reduce spray boom pressure. Gasoline engine-powered...
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  • Gasoline Engine Powered Sprayer Generates More Pressure
    Advantages of gasoline engine powered sprayer: volume. Gasoline engine powered sprayers can generally produce a much larger volume than electric sprayers. This is useful for applications that need to put down a lot of products but don't want to spend a whole day. For example Termite pretreatment•Weed budding work•Drive large spray rods or reduce spray rods•Large tanks need to be...
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  • Powerful Gasoline Powered Water Pump
    Gasoline powered water pumps are powerful devices that can guide large amounts of fluid and garbage from one place to another in a short period of time. However, some practice and attention are required to operate the pump correctly. This is especially true when pumping uphill! If you live in the Midwestern United States and the surrounding environment is flat, you may not need to do this...
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  • Better Use of Spray Gun
    The operation of the sprayer gun is relatively simple. After preparing the basic material and equipment, keep the spray gun perpendicular to the surface of the object to be sprayed. But pay special attention to details. Pay attention to three points in spray gun operation, spraying distance, operating speed, and overlapping spraying. Spraying distance The distance from the front end of...
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  • Benefits of Using Battery Operated Agricultural Sprayer
    1) Improve productivity Although battery operated agricultural sprayers cannot replace actual workers, they can increase productivity. A battery operated agricultural sprayer is as portable and efficient as a traditional pump sprayer. Due to high efficiency, battery operated agricultural sprayer can help increase productivity Without pressurized pumping, employees can complete their work...
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  • The Correct Way to Clean the Sprayer
      Gasoline engine power sprayer, orchard sprayer, fog machine and other small plant protection equipment should be cleaned immediately after spraying, especially after using highly toxic pesticides and various herbicides, the equipment barrel should be cleaned immediately, otherwise, It is easy to be poisonous to crops when used next time. What I want to solve today is how to clean the...
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  • Better Use of Spray Gun
    These 10 steps are a guide to guide you to better use the spray gun. A shortlist of actions will help you avoid delays and give you immediate results. Check the job description of the paint manufacturer. This will determine which nozzle (nozzle) you should use and the correct spray power setting. This will ensure that you get a smooth and flawless coating and prevent a lot of unnecessary paint...
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