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  • 5 #ThingstoDo #IfYouare #LosingMoney in #MutualFunds
    5 #ThingstoDo #IfYouare #LosingMoney in #MutualFunds https://rollbol.com/blogs/1331084/5-Things-to-Do-If-You-are-Losing-Money-in
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  • 3 #Benefits of #Increasing your #SIPAnnually
    3 #Benefits of #Increasing your #SIPAnnually https://alphamag.wixsite.com/onlick/single-post/3-benefits-of-increasing-your-sip-annually
    3 Benefits of Increasing your SIP Annually
    A SIP investment plan emerges as a clear winner when compared to other forms of investments! Considering that the average rate of inflation is close to 7%, an investor making periodic investments into a SIP mutual fund can enjoy a CAGR or a Compounded Annual Growth Rate close to 15% per annum when they choose to remain invested for more than 5 years! A mutual fund SIP plan can beat all other options in different asset classes and proves to be a great value for money. 3 Benefits of Annual Top-Ups
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  • 5 #factorsthat #explain #whywealllove #SIP
    5 #factorsthat #explain #whywealllove #SIP https://steemit.com/mutualfunds/@azizshaikh/5-factors-that-explain-why-we-all-love-sip
    5 factors that explain why we all love SIP — Steemit
    Introduction A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a type of mutual funds that is designed for long-term goals. It… by azizshaikh
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  • #HowCanYou #Havea #Painless #Delivery?
    #HowCanYou #Havea #Painless #Delivery? https://dailygram.com/index.php/blog/1141528/how-can-you-have-a-painless-delivery/
    How Can You Have a Painless Delivery?
    For women, giving birth is both a an extremely happy experience and a traumatic process. It is claimed that labor pain is the mother of all pain. However, each woman's experience of labor pain is unique, and the same is true for each pregnancy of the same woman. And no one can foretell the nature of your experience. It might be moderate or severe. Labor is part of the delivery process, regardless of whether you have a normal delivery or a Caesarian section. But the good news is that there are some ways in which the pain can be reduced to a significant degree. Here’s a look. Is Painless Delivery Possible?Painless delivery is usually made possible with the use of an epidural anaesthetic during labor. This type of localized anesthetic lowers pain in a particular area of the body. In order to achieve a nearly painless delivery, the anesthetic is injected into the lower back during labor. This relaxes the muscles and relieves the intensity of the labor pain. Many women prefer C-section for delivery due to low pain tolerance or because they have become pregnant in their thirties. Such women can have a better chance of having a normal birth with an epidural anesthetic. Painless Delivery Using EpiduralAn epidural injection is administered by an anesthesiologist to relieve discomfort during labor. The anesthetic is delivered to the spinal cord using a plastic tube, which is injected into the lower back. When labor is active, defined as at least three contractions every 10 minutes, it is only administered once.Also, Read - Fruits to Avoid During PregnancyAlthough epidurals don't usually completely eliminate pain, they greatly reduce discomfort in the lower body. Natural pain relief techniques like warm baths, massages and exercises can be used to reduce discomfort in early labor. Are Epidurals Safe?Epidurals relieve fatigue and irritation while being safe for both mother and child. However, like any medical procedure, it might have some side effects, but it also aids in helping women unwind and refocus on the labor process. Some Disadvantages of EpiduralYou will be restricted to your bed and unable to move about.Your delivery could take longer.You could require a catheter if you have trouble urinating.You might feel nauseous.Your chances of having a forceps or vacuum delivery may increase. Many women choose painless delivery rather than go through incapacitating agony while giving birth. You should inquire with your OB/GYN about various techniques for pain reduction. Your doctor can advise you on whether the technique is appropriate for you and provide essential suggestions so you can make an educated choice and deliver the baby with the least amount of discomfort possible.Also, Read – Difference Between PCOD vs PCOS A pregnant woman is advised to build up her stamina, practice labor exercises and breathing methods, and choose a birth partner in order to get ready for delivery. With the right assistance, you may successfully manage labor discomfort without receiving an epidural.Also, Read - 5 Days Past Ovulation (5DPO) 
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  • #WhataretheSteps #Involvedin #Fertilization?
    #WhataretheSteps #Involvedin #Fertilization? https://medicareisgood.mystrikingly.com/blog/what-are-the-steps-involved-in-fertilization
    What are the Steps Involved in Fertilization?
    Pregnancy is the result of the joining of a sperm and an egg cell during the process of fertilization. The more precise phrase "natural" or "in vivo" fertilization refers to this i
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  • #HowTo #PrepareForThe #IVF #Procedure?
    #HowTo #PrepareForThe #IVF #Procedure? https://medicareisgood.mystrikingly.com/blog/how-to-prepare-for-the-ivf-procedure
    How To Prepare For The IVF Procedure?
    In Vitro Fertilisation - IVF treatment is just like a hope for parents to improve their chance of having the baby. It does require emotional, physical, and financial strength. Othe
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  • #Howto #prepareforthe #HSGtest
    #Howto #prepareforthe #HSGtest https://dailygram.com/index.php/blog/1141564/how-to-prepare-for-the-hsg-test/
    How to prepare for the HSG test
    Hysterosalpingogram or an HSG test is a particular type of test wherein the uterus and fallopian tube X-ray examination is conducted by health professionals or doctors to examine the reproductive health of women. There are many clinics that offer HSG test cost at low rates as compared to others, so research properly. Due to the recent increase in infertility issues, many doctors around the globe are trying to find different ways of treatment. The HSG test cost in India varies from lab to lab.Also, Read - Is sedation necessary for HSG test? An HSG test is used to evaluate fertility, infertility, and other issues of the reproductive system. It can help in identifying the blockages of the fallopian tubes and problems related to the uterine cavity. Below we have provided some tips that can help you in preparing for the HSG test procedure. It is as follows: The exam must be conducted between 7 to 10 days after the initiation of the last menstrual cycle.You should ask your doctor to recommend a course of antibiotics prior to the test.Eat healthy before the HSG test.You should drink plenty of water before the test.In case of any queries or doubts, feel free to ask your health professional or doctor. It is common to feel stressed and anxious before the initiation of a test, so a discussion with your doctor can help.You should at least visit 15 minutes earlier before your test.Complete all the documentation, such as form filling and other related queries beforehand.Wear proper hospital clothes during the test procedure. Also, Read - Infertility & Vaginal Infection What will happen during the HSG procedure?  Below detailed information about events happening during the HSG treatment is mentioned. They are as follows: You should be calm as the test can last upto 30 to 45 minutes.There are chances that you may experience vaginal spotting and cramping for at least 1 day after the HSG test so ask your queries properly to the doctor.During the HSG test, there are chances that you may feel uncomfortable but don't worry; it will subside after the test. In case the discomfort persists, contact your doctor immediately. Are there any complications after the HSG test?  After the completion of the HSG test, there are chances that some complications can arise, but you can avoid them by taking proper care of yourself or your loved ones. Below we have mentioned some complications that can occur. It is as follows: Infections due to bacteria, viral or fungal organisms. In case of infections, ask your doctor for antibiotics or proper treatment.In rare cases, some patients may experience allergic or hypersensitivity reactions. They can be treated easily under the provision of a medical professional. Conclusion  There are many IVF doctor in Hyderabad that can help you with fertility issues. You should research properly beforehand. You can also use resources available on the internet to find the best professionals in the field. The above article describes the measures you should follow for successful HSG treatment. Also, Read - How effective is Mini Laparotomy?
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  • #ATripto #Pobitora #Wildlife #Sanctuary
    #ATripto #Pobitora #Wildlife #Sanctuary https://magforyou.livejournal.com/13016.html
    A Trip to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
    The Morigaon district in the Indian state of Assam is home to the Pobitora or Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary. It is roughly 60 kilometers east of Guwahati. Road travel from Guwahati to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary takes a little more than 2 hours. Located along the Brahmaputra River, the Nagaon…
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  • 4 #BestShopping #PlacesInDelhi
    4 #BestShopping #PlacesInDelhi http://www.homebizblogs.com/travel/4-best-shopping-places-in-delhi.html
    4 Best Shopping Places In Delhi
    Visiting Delhi and have already booked the Kolkata to Delhi flight? You must be aware of the variety of shopping places Delhi has. On the Delhi to Kolkata flight, you will remember the experience you had in Delhi when you buy an item in Delhi and go back to Kolkata.
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  • #Tipsto #Followfora #Singapore #BudgetTip
    #Tipsto #Followfora #Singapore #BudgetTip https://www.emazoo.com/blogs/301977/Tips-to-Follow-for-a-Singapore-Budget-Tip
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