• Current Status Of Inkjet Cloth
    In fact, inkjet cloth is booming, especially in the textile industry, where personalization and creation of unique products are the key. Now, all the operations related to printing directly on fabrics and other textile materials. Trends are exploding, not just the T-shirts of corporate softball teams. Growing demand for textile inkjet inksThe fashion industry is one of the markets that benefit...
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  • Different Types Of Wholesale Tarpaulin
    The use of tarpaulinThe purpose of tarpaulin-tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our tarps are no exception. They are durable, waterproof and anti-corrosion... These tarps have many wonderful uses, and we want to list some. As a wholesale tarpaulin , we have many different types of tarpaulin.   1. FirewoodCover the firewood with a tarp. When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than...
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  • How Should Inkjet Cloth Be Used
    550 canvas of the practice of inkjet cloth .The base fabric is 500X500D, 9X9, and is generally heavier, ranging from 320 g/m2 to 440 g/m2. The thickness ranges from 30 to 40 filaments. The main properties are smooth surface, bright paint color, thick and powerful.The practice of the canvas is the 520 canvas. The base fabric is 200X500D, 18X12, medium weight, from 250 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. The...
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  • How To Choose Inkjet Cloth?
    Would you really choose inkjet cloth ? Do you know what to pay attention to when choosing inkjet cloth? Next I will tell you how to choose inkjet cloth.The printing quality mainly depends on the ink and printing medium. Good ink can really restore colors and show very good images. Of course, choosing the right inkjet medium is also very important. Inferior inkjet media cannot express colors...
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  • Inkjet Cloth Has Excellent Characteristics
    The characteristics of high-quality inkjet cloth are as follows: Strong luster: Use light cloth with poor luster, the picture will not only fade but also change color. Good ink absorption performance: The ink absorption performance directly determines the color and saturation of the picture and the color shelf life. Excellent splicing performance: Light cloth with poor splicing...
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  • Introduction To The Advantages Of Inkjet Cloth
    Traditional ink spraying methods face problems such as nozzle clogging and material supply stability, so it is difficult to produce good inkjet cloth. The nozzle surface of the ink spraying head will be clogged due to fine dirt, and the nozzle cannot be ejected or the nozzle is deformed. For example, if nano ink containing metallic materials dries on the nozzle surface, the metalized...
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  • Taiwei Wholesale Tarpaulin Supplier Will Provide You With The Best Suggestions According To Your Requirements
    In Twflex wholesale tarpaulin supplier, there are various types of tarpaulin options. One of the reasons we like waterproof tarps is because they are so versatile. Tarpaulins are blue or silver plastic tarps found in home improvement stores or discount retailers. Waterproof tarpaulins are vinyl, polyester fiber, treated and untreated canvas, iron horse, and PVC. There are mesh tarpaulin,...
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  • Tarpaulins Is Including Uv Protection Tarpaulin
    What is a tarp? Tarpaulin (or waterproof cloth) is a high-strength, good toughness and softness waterproof material. It is often used as canvas (oil canvas), polyester coated with polyurethane or made into polyethylene plastic. Tarpaulins usually have strong grommets at the corners or edges to facilitate binding, hanging or covering with ropes. There are many tarpaulins, including uv protection...
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  • The Guidance Of Wholesale Tarpaulin
    I may be biased, but I believe that tarpaulins are one of the most versatile protective measures available in the industry today. They can be used to protect various objects from various indoor and outdoor conditions. Due to their durability, they can withstand any type of outdoor environment. Therefore, it is easy to find that you need a tarpaulin. tarpaulin However, wholesale tarpaulin may be...
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