• How Go Get More Coins In New World?
    The most commonly used currency in New World is coins. In this game, players can use this currency to buy almost all items, so when we enter the New World, we need to get more coins. Below we will introduce you to several ways to get coins in New World. How to make more New World Coins? Collect all the loot and sell items that may be useful to other players through the trading post. When you...
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  • How To Make Silk In New World?
    New World is a fantasy-based MMORPG that allows players to master any craft they want, including weaving and using the finest fabrics to create armor, furniture, and more. Players can craft a lot of gear, and those that can be crafted at the highest level can make players feel truly powerful. New players to this game should keep in mind that every refining and forging skill is related to other...
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  • New Weapon Blunderbuss In New World
    Blunderbuss is a powerful new weapon in New World, which was released in March of this year. This gun is capable of inflicting massive damage to our enemies while being well balanced. This makes this weapon a very interesting ranged weapon in New World. Let us introduce you to Blunderbuss in New World. Blunderbuss Overview The Blunderbuss is a new varied tool in New World. It has a variety of...
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  • Should We Respec Territorial Standing In New World?
    When players join a faction in New World, they can own a territory, where you can build your own territory's reputation and unlock various perks. Of course, you can also upgrade your territory, just like upgrading characters and weapons. In New World you do this by completing quests, defeating enemies, and forging in the area. New World permits you to respec your character, many gamers are...
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