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    Redefining CommissionableYou can pay your manager according to a revised version of what constitutes commissionable contracts as defined in your management agreement.The word renewals is extremely dangerous and will drag along your former manager’s entitlements well into what are actually new deals that you and future managers may make.For example, let’s say you had a record...
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  • My SEO Experts
    My SEO Experts is a well-known website where people grow their online businesses with the help of our experts. We are professionals in all the related fields of digital marketing. Book your UK website design service or digital marketing service in UK today. 
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  • Strengths within
    Human nature being what it is, artists do not always concur with this point of view.These can extend well beyond the contractual provisions that specify actual sums of money.For example, managers may claim that their relationship is so unique that a replacement manager could cause irreparable damage to the strategic plan the manager and artist devised during happier times.So the manager may...
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