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  • Do Pillows Need a Pillowcase?
    Yes, as a rule. Put on a pillowcase just like put on a duvet cover. To protect your pillow’s materials, you should place it in a pillowcase, it also protects your pillow from liquids and allergens. The pillowcase serves the same purpose as duvet covers, only it does it for the pillow As an added bonus, it prevents you from lying directly on the pillow stuffing, which might...
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  • What is the Size of a Standard Pillowcase?
    Typically, pillow cases come in three sizes: standard pillowcase size, queen pillowcase size and king pillowcase size – you probably didn’t realize how many pillowcases sizes were out there until you started shopping. Each has unique dimensions and is best fit for specific mattress sizes and types of sleepers. While you might be content with sticking to a standard...
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  • What Should You Do if You Have Bed Bugs?
    When the bugs appear, there are a few ways to control the population from spreading and getting bigger. However, there is no quick fix to remove bed bugs. With professional treatment by your local exterminator, they can be eradicated.   Identify the bed bugsAdult bed bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed, and they are brown with a flat, oval body. Young Bed bugs are much smaller...
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  • What Are the First Signs of Bed Bugs?
    The fecal stains may be the earliest signs of a bed bug infestation. Small red to reddish brown fecal spots on mattresses, upholstery or walls.   The symptom of bed bug infestation is early signs of bed bugs on sheets. Usually, these stains will appear in reddish-brown color on one side of the sheet. These stains are caused by crushed bed bugs. The bugs are very easily crushable,...
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  • How Do I Know What Size Sheets to Buy?
    There are many things to take into consideration when buying sheets, like the colors and best material for bed sheets, but none is as important as determining the right bed sheet sizes. In the event that your mattress’s bigger than the standard size (perhaps your mattress is fitted with additional padding, or you’re using a thick mattress pad or mattress topper) you might...
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  • What Are the Dimensions of Bed Sheet Sizes?
    Most sheets are offered in standard sizes, twin is the smallest bed sheet sizes and California king is the biggest. Thus, making a bed linen purchase requires knowing the dimensions of the linens made for standard-size mattresses, and the measurements of bed sheets can vary depending on the manufacturer.    Twin flat bed sheet sizes are usually 66 inches wide and...
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  • How To Wash Bed Sheets
    Knowing how to wash bed sheets is essential for proper hygiene. It will not only make your bed more comfortable but will protect you from allergens and other health risks. Change bedding regularly will help you get a good night’s rest. And if you’re worried about how to wash them, here are some additional tips for how to wash bed sheets, follow these tips for a...
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  • What Is The Best Material For Bed Sheets?
    The best material for bed sheets in terms of luxury are silk, long-staple, and natural linen. Cotton and bamboo are among the most sought-after and extensively-sold bedding sheets. Other elements like thread count, kind of weave and the capacity to regulate temperature affect the comfort of a bedsheet fabric. It’s a bit difficult to assert that a particular textile will be...
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  • What Does Thread Count Mean And Why Does It Matter?
    If you’re looking for a new bedding, you’ve surely faced the dilemma of being confronted with too many of a good thing. Nowadays, you can pick from a myriad of options for your sheets. Which is the best material for bed sheets? Cotton? Silk? Bamboo? Flannel? Linen? Or a mix of different materials?  Most people spend significant time researching pillows and mattresses,...
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  • What Does A Duvet Covers Meaning
    Some people don't know the duvet covers meaning. A duvet is generally referred to as a type of bedding made from a cloth sewn to form a large soft flat bag. This bag is filled with soft materials like down, feathers, wool, or synthetic fiber. If you are considering a duvet for your bedroom, you may want to also consider a duvet cover to protect it. What Is a Duvet Covers? Duvet cover vs...
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