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  • Old Books, Their Care and Preservation
    This article will outline the most basic steps to safeguard the books you own (old or brand new) from danger. The most common rule is that you treat book as children. Give them a Proper Place- The most important aspect, when it comes to children's books or in other books it is to ensure that they have an enviable home. In the case of books, this means in a room that is climate controlled,...
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  • Pottery Marks - How Valuable Are These?
    There were plenty of manufacturers of pottery items who have left a single pottery mark on the potteries product. Their mark today is valuable indeed. You can find most of them with the identical marks on the potters ware that are being sold at the markets today with the highest possible prices in the various markets throughout the globe. These potteries that were manufactured in different eras...
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  • Online Auctions Tips
    Online auctions usually begin slowly and finish quickly. Just like traditional auctions, the bidding will speed up as time ticks along. In some cases, bidding may not accurately reflect the true value of the item being auctioned off. In other cases, a very valuable item may go for far less than its actual value, and in some cases, there is far more demand for the item than its value. A great...
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  • The Joy of Blue and White Porcelain
    Chinese blue and white porcelain have become the most popular porcelain, being the most treasured porcelain in the world. This high-quality porcelain, decorated by different blue pigments, usually cobalt oxide, was made more than 1,000 years ago. Today, it is still highly regarded for its exquisite color, the vivid yellow, red, orange, blue, brown and other hues. The porcelains are of high...
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  • Why is Fine Art So Expensive?
    How can you assign a dollar value to a piece art? This is a huge question. Fine Arts can be worth millions to billions of dollars. It's difficult to determine how much art is worth in comparison to commodities or stocks. What is the reason? Many people believe art is only worth what they see. One piece of art may be valuable to one person, but not to...
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