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  • How to Find EFT Items For Budget Builds
      In Escape from Tarkov, finding the best Escape From Tarkov Items is a big part of the game, and this budget weapon builds are great not only for offense but also for your bank balance. If you're a beginner, then you need to know more about effective weapon builds. Low-budget weapons are very important for beginner players, so if you are looking for a budget weapon build then...
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  • Diablo 2: Resurrected Hell Endgame Items and Runes
      Diablo 2 Resurrected's punishing -100% all resistance in Hell mode will stop you from attacking unless you have the right gear or a very useful rune word, as long as you are strong enough to explore the boundaries of hell. Powerful runes are always hard to come by, but not impossible, and many of them are actually endgame items. The most popular Diablo 2 Resurrected Items of...
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  • How to Get Lost Ark Pirate Coins
    Pirate Coin is also a currency in Lost Ark. Unlike Lost Ark Gold, it is mainly used to buy upgrade materials and recruit crew for your ship from various merchants in the waters of Arkesia. The better upgrades you have, the better on the high seas. The easier it is to sail without worrying about problems.Use Pirate Coins to buy some unique items from various sea merchants. Chief among them is...
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  • How to get a Compass in Escape from Tarkov?
      EFT Compass is very important for players in airdrops or entering unfamiliar environments. Players can get a compass in-game in two ways, by helping Prapor to get a compass for free, or you can buy a compass from Jaeger. To get it from Prapor, you must complete Debut and Search Missions. Before starting the game, players should ensure that they are at least level 5 in the game and have...
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  • How to beat Jad and get the OSRS Fire Cape
      The Fire Cape is a melee item in OSRS. Getting this coveted cape isn't easy, defeat the legendary boss Jad and as a reward, you'll get the OSRS Fire Cape. Before doing this quest, make sure to collect your OSRS Gold For Sale to defeat oncoming enemies. Arrive at Fight Caves When you reach Karamja, Jad and waves of enemies will be waiting for you at Tz-Haar Fight Caves. You can...
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  • When will Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 be released?
      Almost every D2R player is looking forward to the D2R ladder season. After months of playing, we're even more looking forward to D2R new content and gameplay tweaks. When the Diablo II Resurrected 2.4 Patch and Ladder Season 1 will be released are both questions that players are very concerned about. Diablo 2: Resurrected 2.4 PTR will include D2 Resurrected Ladder Items, class skill...
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  • Old School Runescape Konar Guide
      Slayer is one of the most lucrative skills in Old School Runescape, where players need to travel through Gielinor and kill a certain number of specific monsters. To assign missions, you'll need to visit one of the master killers, which will determine your level of combat, but some offer unique rewards, one of which is Konar. Konar doesn't just assign a monster to kill, it requires...
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  • Diablo 2 Resurrected: Best Helmets for Mercenaries
      The most important option for mercenaries is to steal lives. Mercs need to get enough lifestyle to keep them alive, but this stat is hard to get on normal weapons or body armor, so we want to have it on their helmets. Even better if you can find someone with stats and resistances. Since there are not many runic helmets and there are no helmets with life-stealing, unique D2R Ladder...
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  • How to get pets from Lost Ark Twitch drops
      In Lost Ark, you must have seen players zoom around Arkesia on top of a golden electric hoverboard, accompanied by a pet that looks like a mysterious fox, a giveaway from a Twitch drop. So how can you get these mysterious pets? Saphia pet selection chest There are six different colored foxes in the Saphia pet selection chest, from which you can choose one. While Lost Ark Gold is very...
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  • Old School RuneScape Theatre of Blood raid arrives
      For raids in the Old School Runescape Theatre of Blood, players will face bloodthirsty warriors, nightmarish creatures and life-threatening puzzles. The popularity of the Theater of Blood is evidenced by the fact that 90% of people voted for the new Bloody Theater raid in a survey. Old School Runescape's The Theatre of Blood is the second raid into the game, and players will face a...
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