With the speed at which technology is changing today, what will UI/UX trends look like in ten years? In order to set ourselves up for success, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare to adapt as new developments arise. Here are three predictions that you can use to get ready to start designing and coding in 2022!


1) A merger of design elements

As computer-based design tools become more sophisticated, designers will find new ways to merge visual elements. The tools used to create interfaces (and websites) will continue to evolve. And, as a result, so will what we see on screen. There’s value to be found in simplicity—especially when it comes to finding balance between visual elements and content. Make sure your message isn’t lost under a bunch of jumbled up graphics.


Graphical Representation

As people interact with more and more devices, it’s becoming essential to have them visualize their data. If you’re trying to design a graphic representation of data and information, be sure to consider what information needs to be conveyed visually as well as which visual representations will make that information easy to digest.


3) An increased focus on micro interactions

Micro interactions are small moments of magic that help take a website or app from ordinary to extraordinary. They’re typically focused on one task and can be as simple as swiping to like a post or recording a transaction. They could also go unnoticed, especially if you’re not looking for them, but they improve every customer experience. These kinds of interactions build trust with customers and get them more invested in your product because they feel more powerful and engaged with what you offer.



The above trends can help guide you and your team through what will surely be a wonderful—and massive—change. But here’s something to remember when thinking about User Experience trends for 2022: Technology evolves quickly, so even some of these longer-term predictions are likely to change.


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