If you're trying to acquire the most cards you can be sure to take on the weekly and daily missions Lost Ark Boosting. After that, conquer all dungeons and raids you can get to collect a significant amount of cards. Raids are a particularly good location to try to find cards. This is due to Guardian bosses at raids have a small chance to drop an self-titled Legendary Card.

Legendary Cards are among the most rare cards available and provide the greatest bonuses. Make sure to take on your best to complete as many raids possible. Another thing to be noted about the Card system in Lost Ark is that each card comes with an "Awakening Level" to it, which is indicated through the amount of gemstones visible on the bottom on the back of each card.

The first level of a card is zero and goes up to level 5. It grants additional special effects and bonuses that are set when it is at a certain level. To upgrade a card's status in order to reach the Awakening Level You need to accomplish two things. First, you need to increase its XP level by feeding it XP cards , or duplicate cards.

Continue to do that until its XP gauge grows. After that you will need to feed it more duplicate cards in order to "Awaken" its abilities (push it over and up to the next one). The more advanced the Awakening Level the more duplicate cards you'll need to reach an even higher level Buy Lost Ark Gold. The duplicate cards needed by each Awakening Level are listed below.