VThis is the first year there has been any mainstream backlash and any acknowledgement by the Mut 21 coins developers of this. I'm typically cynical about the game really improving,  but this is the first season in which it could actually happen.

I have 20. In comparison, it is the exact same game. Always buy on vacation sale, you will thank yourself for this.

I am in the Exact Same boat. I usually pick the game up used so that EA doesn't get my money, but this year I have not even bothered.Paradoxically same. Nevertheless play 20 a ton and enjoy franchise style, but without any changes in 21 it is simply not worth it this year.

I only got it last week my goal had a sale where EA games were half off. I got Madden and UFC for $60 total.

If you're a company or offline player than yes, I can agree with this. But this game mechanically is the best madden has been because like 17.Are there any glitches and bugs? Of course it is a video game and cheap Madden 21 coins not just any game, an EA game. But if you want to say that this game is not better than the previous 3 madden games you are out of your ing mind!

But I certainly understand franchise players. Game hasn't shifted since they brought out CFM. I like the idea, but it needs a complete redesign and focus. Surprised EA even gets  the balls to push the very same manners with no changes year after year.