In today’s time, Who doesn’t watch videos on youtube, whether it is clips of your favorite movies or funny sketches or videos from your favorite channel and it irritates the most when you encounter interruptions such as youtube video keeps pausing etc.

But, you don't have to ponder much for it as in this article we will be giving out fixes through which you easily resolve youtube video pausing or stopping issues on your own.

So without spending any further moments, let's head to the fixes, and for more information on such topics, you can consider the Ityug247 website.

Fixes to resolve youtube keep pausing issues.

As we stated, here are the fixes.

  • The first and the most prominent cause behind the youtube keeps pausing issue is the slow internet connection as it is very evident that playing videos requires a fast and stable internet connection.

So, it is advised to upgrade your plan or report if there is any speed issue to your internet service provider.

  • Next, what you can do to get rid of the youtube stop playing issue is clear youtube app cache and data and if you watch youtube videos through the browser then clear the cache and data of your preferred browser.
  • Ensure that youtube’s remind me to take a break feature is off as this feature can be the reason why youtube video stops after playing after a while.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Youtube App.
  • Sometimes Antivirus and firewalls also arise such situations, disabling them while watching youtube videos may resolve the youtube stop playing issue.
  • Tweaking youtube Auto pause settings is also a good alternative to get rid of youtube keep pausing issues, all you have to do is add the Auto Tube extension on your chrome browser.