Ever since companies started making adjustable bamboo pillows, many people have been utilizing the option to customize their own pillowcases. And yet, some of them do not use the case that comes with their adjustable pillow. This has led to a variety of ideas about why you might be using an extra pillowcase on your adjustable bamboo pillow. Some say it's out of laziness, others say that there are risks for hidden allergens in the case itself. It could even be because a pillow slips around inside the material. Think about the durability of your bamboo pillow (or any other kind of material) - even if you've washed it, there is still a chance it might be damaged by contaminants. These act like dams on the synthetic fibers and can cause color bleeding, damage, and wear away.

What Is an Adjustable Bamboo Pillow?

What is an adjustable bamboo pillow? These pillows have a soft filling that can be manually adjusted, making them customizable and comfortable. Adjustable cushions are available to help enhance particular sleeping positions. These pillows can change from a supportive "side" shape to an angled "back"/stomach position or a rounded "tummy" throw pillow.

Why Put a Pillowcase On Your Adjustable Bamboo Pillow?

Many people start their days going to bed with their pillows still on the bed. They cover them in a pillowcase, sometimes saying that it will keep bugs from coming in. Then there are those who find the need for layers of linens, paper towels, and even plastic. By using a pillowcase, you can make your adjustable bamboo pillow more comfortable for everyday use.

There are a few reasons why it is helpful to put a pillowcase on an adjustable bamboo pillow. The biggest advantage is that the case protects your memory foam pillow set of 2. The best way to protect your pillow is by keeping dust and dirt particles out of the case. If you want to get a new, high-quality set of pillows; it can be much easier with the case you've already purchased on there. It prevents accidents from happening as well if an accident happens while adjusting the pillow (you'll avoid food/drink damage).

There are also some people who have very sensitive allergies or medical issues because of their conditions that might get triggered by putting saliva onto their pillowcases. It's always good practice for safety for those who might have respiratory illnesses or

How to Put On a Pillowcase on your Adjustable Bamboo Pillow?

Putting a pillowcase on an adjustable bamboo pillow can seem like a difficult task. There are many different ways to attach the case to your bamboo pillow. The easiest way is to put it back on in the same rotated position. You should use your hand and put it back where the seams are. Take the other end of that end and put it over the first half, ensuring that they line up together. You may also want to flip your bamboo pillow upside down so you can decide which side should be inside of your case and which outside. As an alternative, you could use a rotating ring fitted with a Velcro strap. Adjustable bamboo pillows usually have a simple zipper. To put it on, find the pull on the side and make sure the material is open. Thread your arm through and if you come across a hole, do not go through it but fasten either side of the opening so that both sections are closed. From the unfastened material near you, grasp two opposite sides. Push them towards you and then close by pulling taut with your hand. Snug up only one other side, leaving as much loose thread in between your hands as possible, and repeat to close all six sides.

Reassessing the Benefits of an Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows can cater to different sleepers by adjusting the firmness of the pillow. They are soft, and cool in the summer but warmer in the winter without increasing their size. They typically have a hypoallergenic filling which is antimicrobial. But these bonuses don't come without a price due to air retention. If you're really looking for an adjustable pillow that's great for individuals with allergies, higher-quality memory foam pillows may be a better option. Adjustable bamboo pillowcases are a good accessory to have. They make it easier to use the pillow at a comfortable level, they're machine washable and they are soft on your skin.


Sleep on your comfort, but put a pillowcase on it! The reason why there may be a myth that you need to put a pillowcase on your adjustable bamboo pillow is that when the filling moves in different directions, it's easier for dust or other particles to get into the bamboo mix. The best solution is to remove the insert and put it inside an outer case like a pillowcase where you can close off all openings.