Unpacking is not the only thing that you need to do to start using a printer but indeed, there are many things involved in using the printer for the first time. Although, it depends on a lot of factors for the kind of printer you want either for personal or professional use. So now let us talk about the series of HP printers, we can say that HP makes the best products in the digital market. Specifically speaking of the LaserJet series of HP printers, it’s the most efficient working printer with high-resolution printouts and advanced AI programs for user assistance. However, a lot of users face problems in setting up the printer, which is very easy if done via this link ‘123.Hp.Com/setup’.

Steps: Unbox your new HP printer

Before using the HP printer, all the users should know about “123.Hp.Com/setup” and follow the steps to make its performance better:

  1. Place the HP printer on a flat and clear surface 
  2. Unbox it and take out all the components of the printer carefully
  3. Please double-check if all the components are present and safe
  4. Connect the power cable on the back of the printer and the other end to the power socket
  5. Open the printer’s paper tray and insert a set of compatible paper sheets (A4) into it
  6. Unlock the cartridge access door
  7. You can insert new cartridges in their respective slots
  8. Finally, the initial setup is now completed.

Steps: “123.Hp.Com/setup” wireless setup on Windows

  1. Begin the process by connecting the HP printer and the computer to a common wireless
  2. network
  3. Users can also enable the ‘Web Services’ option and then select ‘Setup’
  4. For clarification, please print the information pages that contain all the details
  5. Now, start printing pages by giving commands to the HP printer
  6. Or, press ‘ctrl+P’ to directly print the pages via computer


Make sure to download all the necessary drivers on the computer via this website ‘123.Hp.Com/setup’ and keep the printer secure and safe from dust for the better performance of the HP printer. In addition to this, users should use only genuine HP ink cartridges to avoid damage or improper printouts. However, if users still face any kind of issue or have any queries then please contact to HP printers support team or visit the official HP website for more information.