Erotic massage does not tolerate inconvenience. The atmosphere should be inviting, pleasant and relaxing. If at least something annoys you, the accumulated tension cannot be removed, so you should not start. So, make sure that before starting the massage you have the following details at hand:

The bed is not suitable for such things - it is better to cover the table with a soft bedspread or sit right on the floor, on the carpet. Prepare two large towels or sheets - cover the carpet with one, cover the parts of the man's body that you do not massage with the other. This will prevent greasy oil stains on the surfaces from being removed the next day.

Make sure that the man is warm and comfortable, this may require a heater (but you don’t need to heat the room too much - massaging a sweaty male body is not very pleasant). Turn on pleasant relaxing music or nature sounds so that you can relieve work and city stress.

Prepare massage oil and essential oils. The oil will make the massage even more pleasant, allowing the palms to glide over the body more easily, and the essential oils will allow you to relax as much as possible. Prepare yourself too - put on beautiful underwear and be sure to cut your nails so that in a fit of passion you do not accidentally scratch your loved one.
In the process of erotic massage, you can use various attributes - a blindfold, feathers, a silk scarf, ice cubes, melted chocolate, fruits, whipped cream.

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