There are no quick ways to earn money the sooner you learn the better. You can run nats/laws and get 200k rs gp for sale each hour that leaves one no exp and needing to live off somebody else abilities. It is better to make the exp. This is how I created my first million.

1. Crafted air runes until I had enough exp to craft mind runes.

2. Sold them for 30ea made about 400k.

3. Trained range to 70. Using the last 3k iron knifes and 100 lobs I went to blue dragons and murdered them for hides * bones for 1m 2007 RS golden which is roughly 500 dragon kills which required 3 times.

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And that is where I am now employing the million I got from dragons and setting it into range ammo and gear so that I could kill more dragons for more cash to train my additional skills. This is what I did for money and it works well for me I have enough money to do what I enjoy and keeps me going and if you put your own spin on it I'm certain you can make a lot more buy osrs fire cape. I kept a few dragon bones for prayer and got it to 43 the remainder I sold and while I coached my scope to 70 I received my def to 40.