If you are not a national (Citizen) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) you'll require an Visa in order to travel Dubai The only limitation I could think of is that Dubai does not permit Israeli citizens enter the UAE. I won't get into the reasons for this dune buggy tour dubai.

The positive side is that Dubai Visas are relatively effortless to obtain. Certain states that are within the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC) and residents of some countries don't need to get a Visa prior to getting into Dubai.

For GCC states, there is no Visa is required to enter Dubai. For residents of certain countries like Australia and the United States, you will be issued a Dubai Visa stamp upon getting into Dubai. The stamp is free to apply for this stamp and allows you to stay within Dubai for up to 90 days. Tourists from all other countries can stay up to 30-days in Dubai. They usually need the sponsorship of a local sponsor (such as a business or hotel) for a Dubai Visa.

The requirements for Dubai Visa

Your passport should be valid for at least two to six months before you travel to Dubai. Therefore, make sure you verify your passport prior to preparing your excursion. The application for renewal or replacement of your passport would take a few months.

Visitor Visa to Dubai

Visitor Visas are the most popular Dubai Visas issued by Dubai's Government of Dubai. Visitors Visas are generally shorter-term and are intended for people who plan to visit Dubai or visit Dubai to Dubai for business reasons. What you need to know about the Visa before you travel to Dubai depends on country you are a citizen of. Like I said earlier, if you're a national of the GCC that is, you don't require to have a Visa for entry into Dubai.

Nations in the GCC comprise Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. These countries share very close ties to Dubai and share a wide range of beliefs and political views. If you're a resident of the GCC countries, you would receive a 30-day Dubai Visa upon getting into the Emirate.

Transit Visas

If you are merely passing by Dubai during your travels elsewhere, you can get an Transit Visa if you could show a flight ticket that is in continuous use. This Visa is a four day (ninety six hour) Visa but is just suitable for those who are a tourist so that you have the opportunity to take a few days and tour Dubai.

This Visa is given by every airline that operates in the UAE and is completely free. Emirates generally allows the option of a layover for multiple days since the company is based in Dubai. Very few airlines permit you this option so take advantage of this feature. Think about this feature if you're on a layover in Dubai.

Do Not Overstay

You'll be deported when you stay in Dubai for an extended duration of time. You could be barred from returning. This is why it's important to avoid staying too long.

If you overstay the time limit, you'll be charged the amount of $35 per day. This is subject to change, but generally will be at this level. If you overstay for long periods of time then you'll be taken to the court and a penalty decision will be handed down.

Where can You Get Your Visa

The authority responsible for concerns about visitors is DNRD. It is an agency of the Ministry of Interior. They control the entire Dubai Visa requirements as well as the processes for obtaining the Visa. The decisions they make are different throughout the year, especially when Dubai hosts an event or is expecting numerous visitors. The majority of Visas are granted at the Dubai International Airport upon arrival. I highly recommend visiting a UAE Embassy near you for the most current Dubai Visa information.