There are many tasks for us to complete in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The following guide will introduce you to Siege on Harrogath in Diablo 2 Resurrected. It's a mission in Act Five, where you'll face a new threat as Harrogath is surrounded by an army of demons.

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How to complete Siege on Harrogath in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Act V starts with you getting to Harrogath, only to find it under fire by Baal's pressures. You should venture out there and also combat teams of satanic forces, take apart propels, as well as maintaining on your own alive to drive them off, prior to Harrogath drops.

The Bloody Foothills have lots of huge teams of adversaries, so you wish to be patient and also not face your (extremely) possible fatality. Select them one at a time, if you can afford it place a bridge between you and also the team of monsters, and also you should prevail.

After a fair amount of fights you need to find the one in charge fight of this pursuit, a demon called Shenk The Overseer. You shouldn't have several troubles battling him, yet the scenario can get a little bit spicy if you let teams of opponents to pile on you. So be patient, placed some distance in between you and the teams, as well as keep crossing the battlefield until you feel comfortable sufficient to engage in battle with Shenk.

After you defeat him, you can go back to Harrogath to receive Larzuk's reward.

Enemies List

  • Death Mauler, 
  • Enslaved, 
  • Fanatic Enslaved, 
  • Overseer, 
  • Catapult, 
  • Demon Imp, 
  • Demon Gremlin (minion), 
  • Burning Dead Archer, 
  • Carrion Bird, 
  • Foul Crow, 
  • Quill Rat, 
  • Slinger, 
  • Thorned Hulk

When we complete the tasks in Diablo 2 Resurrected, we can get a lot of d2r items. Using these items we can build a strong character and then gain an advantage in this game.