Starbender has during Dofus Kamas part repeated what had been stated from the devblog and explained the choices concerning the generation limit of these safes. Dreams' objective is not to be a die and retry feature, but perish and reset. The quest is devoted to hardcore gamers who wish to challenge themselves, but with no other reward than Ornaments. Thus was decided to block the drop on floor 400, believing that financial sustainability was not being looked for by gamers venturing.

A dimension change has been added: There will no longer be some success prerequisites for obtaining legends! Anyone who has the difficulty can recover a Jahash legend from the coffers. (It may seem simple, but you need to be at the ideal difficulty, otherwise you will have a lower rate than the Vulbis on Retro).Finally, Prysmaridites have been discussed. They'll be used mainly as bonuses, to cancel a meta around the OS along with the OT. Thus, gains in Health Points Shield Points, or Resistances should be expected by you with.

While they shouldn't have been there, the GD nevertheless gave in! And it's not even due to the cat! For your server that was Heroic, the players aren't forgotten. The GD lead lots of reflections regarding the future of the server. Few are conclusive, but understand that your wants to reset the server are understood! The committed Community Supervisor will be fully operational early next year and will arrive. He's apparently a player of model 1.29 who understands!

After lighter extension level upgrades, it is very good to discover a patch as substantial as 2.54! With 5 zones, a number of new level 200 dungeons and a few additional equipment in your pocket, there is no lack of content! Following a first glance at the conclusion of Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale the last series of Anomaly quests, the 4 Eliocalpyse Horsemen arrive in Dofus update 2.54! And they are prepared to ruin everything.