Mobile concrete plants are getting to be most popular inside the construction industry since they come with a number of benefits for example reduced cost of labor, reloading of aggregates much quicker and easy, reduce concrete waste, and also be able to tackle multiple jobs in multiple areas. A mobile concrete plant (мобильные бетонные узлы) is known as an approach to many problems. Listed below are various reasons that explains why you need a mobile concrete plant within your construction site.

Five Explanations Why You Want A Mobile Concrete Plant.

1. Time Efficient.

 A mobile concrete plant allows you to cover more work in a short period. This is because you can actually move from a location to the another while not having to alter applications. Moreover, a mobile concrete plant produces the actual volume of mix design consistently, which suggests you will be able to make use of the same amount of concrete that is required each and every station.

2. An Easy Task To Load Aggregates.

A mobile concrete plant (мобильный бетонный завод на шасси) is not difficult to load and may be filled at any time at anywhere. All you have to do is make sure that you have enough water, gravel, sand, and cement of sacks before you moving to your construction site. Once you get to the construction site, this can be used area as a hub to offer the mixer with everything else it deserves.

3. Prevent Concrete Waste.

A mobile concrete plant also minimises the volume of concrete being wasted. That is because it is possible to limit the components utilized for every mix and measure the volume required for each project. Moreover, you could always fill the mobile mixer with a lot more aggregates in case the job is just not complete.

4. Deliver Fresh Concrete At Your Location.

There are a variety of applications that need fresh concrete during construction work like airport runways repair, landscaping, backfill, and in many cases floor screed. Through the help of a mobile concrete plant, you can be sure that you have fresh concrete to function on such applications. Learn more:

5. Reduces The Cost Of Labor.

A mobile concrete plant also helps reduce labor cost. That is because you may not need any reinforcement to fill the mobile mixer. Moreover, merely one person is required to control the entire system and drive the concrete plant towards the appropriate location. Once on-site, the next phase is to fill the mobile plant and after that pour concrete where it can be needed. All this can be accomplished by one employee.

6. Mobile Concrete Plants Can Be Found In Different Sizes.

Mobile concrete plants can be found in different sizes. According to the construction work you are working on, it is possible to opt to engage a mobile concrete plant that can create a high production rate when working on a large area as well as a small mobile concrete plant when working on small projects.


Mobile concrete plants can be rented or bought and it also all hangs on one’s budget. If you only need to have a mobile concrete plant to function on small projects, then you can decide to hire the gear with a reasonable cost. However, when thinking about buying a mobile concrete plant, be sure that you get quotes from different dealers (Aimix Group Co., ltd.) to enable you to get the best offer.