The use of aluminum as a packaging material or component has become common in the cosmetic industry. Aluminum lipstick tubes, aluminum mascara containers and other aluminum packaging are also more and more popular with consumers.

Because aluminum a lightweight material, which allows the manufacturers to save up on the shipping costs and production costs, and aluminum is easy to procure, and it can be recycled for sustainability purposes. For consumers, the aluminum product looks luxurious in a vanity box. Most importantly, It doesn’t absorb chemicals or product ingredients from the lip-gloss.

However, when aluminum for product packaging is used, the quality of the product in the container may be affected, and the cost is higher than that of plastic packaging, which increases the cost of cosmetic manufacturers.

Some manufacturers prefer using plastic material for beauty packaging, and it is considerably lighter in weight in comparison to aluminum components. The lightweight properties of the component results in less manufacturing costs, and it also makes the material safer for shipment purposes. In comparison to aluminum components, plastic is a cheaper and more readily available alternative and is not affected by corrosion, impact, breakage and dents, making it easier to transport and transport packaging.

But,plastic is not a biodegradable material; therefore, only 9% of plastic is decomposed in a landfill.

Whether it is aluminum packaging or plastic packaging, the appearance has a great influence on the sales of the product. Ningbo Jinyi Daily Chemical Package Co., Ltd. provides customers with various types of cosmetic packaging, which can definitely meet your needs. If you have any needs, please contact us.