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And I gotta say that 15 was likewise a very good game, after that everything started going downhill, 16 was decent but imo the ultimate group was too far, EAs objectives werent to create the playerbase happy and the game enjoyable, EA needed to make more income and caused the game to find shit. At least offer us a different game thats essentially fifa 14/15 with better quality and manager mode and just playing mode. Please allow start a petition, I am enjoying the game in its existing condition:-LRB- Additionally fifa need to return fifa 14/15 soundtracks, they were elite, sometimes I just opened the match to listen to the strikes:-RRB- Ohhhh these memories are overwhelming me.

P.S. if somebody wishes to feel nostalgic subsequently hunt youtube and observe fifa 14/15 gameplayBack afterward 100 total players were values between 15 to 45 million coins, then highest overall gets benefit than the reduced overall, chemistry for add ons, player upgrade for Cheap FIFA Coins a million coins, and you also pay to buy legendary players, abilities and gems.A really good thing about that game was that the market was a market between players. You can list them, and another player could purchase your players.