Pregnancy term and ultrasound imaging go hand in hand. Not only do you get to witness your baby’s growth, but the ultrasound report also ascertains the health of the fetus, their gestational period, and even their development in the mother’s womb.

After an ultrasound, your OBGYN will likely discuss “BPD and FL chart in pregnancy.” This stands for Biparietal diameter (diameter of the baby’s developing skull bone and structure) and the Femur length (length of the baby’s growing and developing femur).

Through ultrasound imaging, these factors can help ascertain the overall fetal weight and the baby’s gestational age. Comparing the numbers of BPD and FL with the standard chart also allows the doctors to look out for underdevelopment, overdevelopment and other developmental anomalies in the fetus.

If this is your first pregnancy and you are confused about these pregnancy-related terminologies like BPD and FL, let us explain them to you in simpler words and in more detail.

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